The International Society of Doctors in Literature, ISDL (formerly Confederation of Doctors in Literature, CODIL), is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization committed to the promotion of literature and other creative endeavours among members of the noble profession of medicine. It began in 1999 as the dream of a Nigerian-born medical doctor-writer and activist, Martin Akpan who, following a panoramic review of creative works of notable early doctor-writers worldwide, felt an irresistible urge to provide a platform for contemporary and future doctor-writers.

This signaled the birth of the Confederation of Doctors in Literature (CODIL) which sphere of influence and operation was confined to Nigeria where it hosted/held periodic (poetry) readings, carried out charity work on a small scale and sharpened the writing skills of its members as well as ignited the interest of young and up-and-coming authors through talent hunt and capacity building among medical students in selected medical schools. The natural consequence of all of this was a flurry of literary activity within the medical community in Nigeria which necessitated the formal registration of the body with relevant authorities. Thus in January 2009, the organization was formally registered with the corporate Affairs Commission as International Society of Doctors in Literature to replace the former name.Today, membership of the body which stood at 41 at the close of 1999 has snowballed significantly and spread to other parts of the world, in line with the "dream" .

The International Society of Doctors in Literature provides for doctor-writers across the world, a virile platform for cross-cultural exchanges, interaction, networking and experience-sharing. Besides, the body is expected to offer necessary controls to safeguard the health of literature as well as the literature of health in a holistic manner


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