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MARTIN AKPAN :( Initiator / Founding President )

Martin Akpan is a 1983 graduate of the University of Nigeria. A community mobilizer, pacifist, public speaker, Anti-Aids campaigner and advocate of global justice. He holds a post graduate degree in family medicine from the Texila American University, Guyana. Akpan speaks and writes with a crusader's undying candour and passion. His published works include Brainwaves At Dawn, Mixed Strokes, Good Night Africa, Awakening The Giant and The Crumb Eaters, adjudged his magnum opus.

Akpan, a widely-traveled man, is a member of many professional and philanthropic organizations including the Royal Institute of Public Health and Hygiene, International Association of Lions Clubs, International AIDS Society, African Network for the Prevention and Protection Against Child Abuse and Neglect, ANPPCAN; Society for AIDS in Africa and Association of Nigerian Authors in which he has served as a State Chairman and a National Judge. He has also held many public offices and positions of responsibility including the Editor-in-Chief of the Nigerian Medical Association and Chairman, Akwa Ibom State Action Committee on AIDS (AKSACA). He is currently the Director Of Medical Services, Ministry Of Health, Uyo, Nigeria.

Martin Akpan has been listed in many prestigious biographical publications. These include: New Nigeria WHO’S WHO, Directory of Nigerian Book Development and International Directory of Distinguished Leadership, Raleigh, USA. He and his family live in Uyo, Nigeria where he runs a busy schedule as a practising medic, public officer, writer and coordinator of the elite doctor-writers’ body, The International Society of Doctors in Literature. He reads, writes, travels and meditates in addition to playing tennis and scrabble.

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