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When the gate of friendship opens, the cascading wind of fraternization wafts through the unguarded doors of ventilated passion, carrying on its wings both friends and foes.

Reading, writing and speaking constitute the trinity of sound education.

The world is a large courtroom where we repeatedly stand trial before Man and Nature.

A friend is like the waters of an ocean; vast enough to accommodate your weaknesses and deep enough to drown you.

He is an incorrigible liar who says he has never been jailed in his life. I served my prison term for nine months in the solitary cell of my mother’s womb. What about you?

 A good teacher is a good student of his students.

When I was dead in sleep, I saw death in its monstrous majesty.

To be a good doctor, you must learn to fall sick. But you must also learn to recover fast.



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