Life Patrons

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Life Patrons

The society shall have a maximum of 10 ( ten ) life patrons/advisors at any given time, whose role shall be advisory. They shall be senior members of the noble profession of medicine who have distinguished themselves in various fields of medicine and public life. They shall be chosen from several continents of the world. Life patrons/advisors currently serving the society are :

Anezi Okoro, a renowned author, is a Professor of Medicine, a consultant Dermatologist and a researcher on albinism. His literary works include eight published novels and a number of poems. Pariah Earth and other stories, adjudged his magnum opus, is a collection of futuristic and thought-provoking tales linked by common themes, and addressing contemporary ecological problems and man’s destruction of the planet and wastefulness of natural resources. He lives in Nigeria.

Edmundson Thompson Akpabio, a medical elder, is one of Nigeria’s most respected medical figures. He has made immense contributions to shaping the healthcare delivery system of his country, having served in various landmark positions as President, Nigerian Medical Association (1984 – 88) and Chairman, Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria, among others. Akpabio is the Proprietor/Chief Medical Director of Mfonabasi Medical Centre, a premier medical outfit in Uyo, Nigeria where he lives with his family. He is also an author and a pastor.

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The International Society of Doctors in Literature, ISDL (formerly Confederation of Doctors in Literature, CODIL), is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization committed to the promotion of literature and other creative endeavours among members of the noble profession of medicine.