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  • When the gate of friendship opens, the cascading wind of fraternization wafts through the unguarded doors of ventilated passion, carrying on its wings both friends and foes.
  • Reading, writing and speaking constitute the trinity of sound education.
  • The world is a large courtroom where we repeatedly stand trial before Man and Nature.
  • A friend is like the waters of an ocean; vast enough to accommodate your weaknesses and deep enough to drown you.
  • He is an incorrigible liar who says he has never been jailed in his life. I served my prison term for nine months in the solitary cell of my mother’s womb. What about you?
  •  A good teacher is a good student of his students.
  • When I was dead in sleep, I saw death in its monstrous majesty.
  • To be a good doctor, you must learn to fall sick. But you must also learn to recover fast.

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